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  • Innovative Canvas Solutions in Shelter
  • Custom Installations
  • Personal Attention and Craftsmanship
  • Maintenance

  • Awnings are energy efficient.
    In homes and businesses alike, air conditioning can account for as much as 50% of energy consumption. Awnings will reduce your cooling expenses, paying for themselves in the long run—and still let the warm rays of the sun pour in during the winter. This means comfort and savings.

    Awnings attract attention
    and accent the public space in front of your business or store. An awning can complement signage, or function as a sign itself. Your customers can window-shop, enjoy a meal on a covered deck or patio, or wait in line, cool and dry.

    We’re flexible.
    Our knowledge of current techniques, materials and styles, combined with generations of experience in this specialized field of canvas construction, allow us to work with you to design a product that will leave you satisfied.

    We work hard to create exactly what you need—an entrance canopy for your home or business, an awning for your living room window, that retractable awning you've dreamed of for your deck, an awning with valuable signage for your business, a structure that you’ve only imagined, or a street-wide banner for your town.

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